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Article: Sexy, Sassy, Scarlett! A Look BTS of This Sleek Number by Molly

Sexy, Sassy, Scarlett! A Look BTS of This Sleek Number by Molly

Sexy, Sassy, Scarlett! A Look BTS of This Sleek Number by Molly

She's femme & she's fierce!

Introducing the bold & daring spiked slingbacks straight from the center of my overly chaotic mind! Frankly, I'm still not sure what the inspiration for this pair was... All I know is that I woke up super geeked and content one morning cause I'd conquered my fears of completing my first pair, but I wanted so badly to create something new, something exciting, and most of all, something relatively easy to achieve.

Now, don't get me wrong. Creating The Rebel was a very fulfilling challenge for a first-time shoemaker like myself, still it was almost as though I NEEDED to prove to myself that I could make a pair of shoes within a given time and on my own before it was "official". You know?


Left: Leather pattern pieces; Center: Lasting process; Right: Toe fitting prior to lasting.

As excited as I was about finishing my first pair of shoes, it was one of those days where I just couldn't leave my apartment, the mere thought of "adulting" left a sour taste in my mouth and holding a decent conversation felt as impossible as a tree growing out of the sky. Really. As bad as the day was panning out, all I wanted to do was create!

After 5 seemingly long minutes of brainstorming simple footwear designs that oozed passion, power and a lump sum of "Don't you dare f**k with me", I came up with these chic spiked slingbacks that met the criteria.


Left: Cement-lasting technique; Center: Insole dressing; Right: Silver screwback spikes

Between getting stabbed continuously by these ruthless spikes and peeling a good chunk of my middle finger off with the skiving blade again, I think it's safe to call this red number FIERCE.

Take a look at the final product below & drop a comment with some fabulous ways you would rock this pair! ;)


Spiked Pointed-Toe Slingback; Scarlett

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Until next time!


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