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Article: A Dollar And A Dream: Creating My First Pair of Bridal Shoes

A Dollar And A Dream: Creating My First Pair of Bridal Shoes

A Dollar And A Dream: Creating My First Pair of Bridal Shoes

I'll start by saying— it really means the world to me that I have friends who support and believe in me like crazy! So imagine how honoured I was when one of my favourite girls who made it a mission to be a part of MOLLY's first runway experience in New York Fashion Week asked me if I would create her bridal shoes during one of our sight-seeing escapades.

It was honestly such a nerve-wrecking thought to process, seeing as I hadn't picked up any shoemaking tools since creating my first few GR designs during the Covid-19 pandemic. But because of how significant it was to be given such an opportunity to create a life-long memorabilia, I just knew I had to refresh my skills and get as close to perfection for my girl.

When we returned back to Canada, I got to see photos and details of her wedding dress. With the free will she gave to me, I was at liberty to design whatever I desired because she just trusted my creative direction. Crazy honestly. So I shared a vague concept of my design, sketched 2 options, and went on to create an embroidered lace and satin beauty with a beaded ankle strap to complement her stunning dress.


I spent a bit of time searching for embroidered lace, satin and lace applique that was as close to that of her dress. I must have found about 40 options before narrowing it down to a handful she selected from. I also found a fantastic bead store where I bought some fresh water pearls and magnetic jewelry clasps for the ankle piece, as well as an amazing leather supply company which I had been searching for since I moved to Montréal.


Since it was my first time making shoes with fabrics as delicate as satin and lace, I made it a point to take my time on these. Plus the pressure to perfect this particular pair was real! I mean, it IS someone's wedding day and I would hate to be the cause of a disaster because I rushed it. So I prayed over the pair and let God lead with this one because I was absolutely soo nervous— Guys when I tell you I put FIVE screws in each heel, prayed over the shoes AND went on to pray for a blessed marriage because she was stepping into a new era of her life in my creations lmao I was not taking any chances.

It must have taken me about a month to actualize the design, but because we live 5 hours apart, it was very difficult to ensure that everything was fitted correctly. So I created some room for adjustment and spent the night before her wedding day fitting and modifying up until 1am until they fit perfectly and most importantly, she felt COMFORTABLE.

Nerves aside, she loved it and was soo pleased which made the entire process worth it!
Check out the stunning bespoke pair below!

You can also head to my YouTube channel for the Behind-the-scenes process (Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4) or MOLLY's official Instagram page for more close-up shots!

Until next time,


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