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Article: A Dollar And A Dream: My First Order of Custom MOLLY Shoes.

A Dollar And A Dream: My First Order of Custom MOLLY Shoes.

A Dollar And A Dream: My First Order of Custom MOLLY Shoes.

I'm about to sell my very first pair of handcrafted Molly shoes- cute, of course with my edgy take, sturdy and ready to be envied. The problem, however, is that it's bitter sweet.

There's an indescribable feeling of comfort; of love; of peace; of joy, that I get when I make any pair. It's like watching your baby grow into all that you imagine and experiencing the changes life has to offer. My shoes have develop from simple thoughts into blossomed beauties. Letting them go is one of the hardest things I've experienced in a minute. The separation anxiety is REAL! There's an attachment that I just can't fathom. Every step of the shoemaking process brings on a new challenge and an opportunity to learn, even if it meant ripping apart my ravishing patent- orange designer pumps (which I've never worn btw) to perfect my knowledge on footwear anatomy just so I can create confidently.

I'm so in love, yet so torn.....BUT! A sale is a sale so cha-ching! See ya, gorgeous!

I've obviously learnt a few errors with this order. I wouldn't be me if I didn't. That being said, my failure to anticipate delayed deliveries for some of my packaging items- custom boxes, tissues, and especially acrylic shoe forms, was a pain in the ass. It would be wiser to have all the necessary packaging items stocked in my inventory so that my brand's reputation is not plundered if I experience any unexpected order delays going forward.


I couldn't bring myself to sell this pair...

  1. The order was made by a very dear family member as a surprise to a loved one, and
  2. I know it sounds crazy, but I felt a little guilty about the idea of selling one of my babies, yet elated that he was willing to pay in full for my pumps,

so I ended up gifting them away. The only problem is that it was recently returned back to me- unopened, untouched and unseen. His special lady was out of town by the time it was delivered so I guess that's just my luck. Something in me just wants to frame the pair in a glass box just so I can remind myself of the nerve-wrecking emotions I experienced while trying to let go of this pair.

  1. DON'T be afraid to let go.
    You work so hard to perfect your art, but art is not meant to hidden. Unless of course, that's the intent... but you get my point. You've been gifted with talent that can potentially change the world so it is important that you choose to share it and breed some life onto another. Better yet, you may inspire someone else to do the same.

  2. DON'T fear the negative criticism.
    I'll admit that I found myself pondering many times about what her feedback would be. If she'd like it and if she'd care that they were specially designed for her, carefully crafted or high-end enough for her to spread the word, but at the end of the day, the truth was that I was the only person getting in my head. The shoes were perfect and everyone who laid eyes on them desired to have them. Ultimately, I knew all that mattered was that I was CONFIDENT in the quality and functionality of this pair.

  3. DO try out 'Test Shipments' if possible.
    Since my package was returned to me, I was able to learn how well my package had travelled and experience its arrival as if I were a client myself. I now understand what needs to be altered in order to upgrade and perfect my packaging to its desired aesthetic.

  4. DO anticipate shipment rates.
    My first order was requested to be sent overseas to London, England, leaving me with a bill of almost $200 for my International Shipment, and boy, was that an eye-opener for me. The bright side of that experience was that during my time at the post office, I happened to catch a glimpse of an offer to open a business account that will provide a small, yet considerable, discount off outbound shipments. As you can imagine, I registered for an account right away, but I urge you not to make the same mistakes that I did and obtain shipping rates online via your preferred courier ahead of your approved orders. This way you are able to work out a system that accounts for the cost of shipping, either partially or fully, by you or your client.

It's been one wild ride, but as always, The Journey To Molly is nothing short of exciting. I will be back with more tales and turns, but...

Until next time,


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