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Article: Got shoes you haven't worn in months (or years)? Here's how to get rid of those babies.

Got shoes you haven't worn in months (or years)? Here's how to get rid of those babies.
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Got shoes you haven't worn in months (or years)? Here's how to get rid of those babies.

You’re here because you just don’t know when, how or if you should even part ways with your favourite pair of shoes. Well, I’ve got news for you. It’s called separation anxiety, or in brutal honesty, hoarding- a big No No.

Now if you’re an avid collector of specific luxury pieces in a designer’s collection, I just wanna say you’re doing great sweetie! We the fashion enthusiasts thank you for your service as a true veteran.

For the rest of us with beautiful and much less inexpensive shoes, the question remains: when to get rid of shoes? The answer:

  • If they’re too small
  • If they’re worn out
  • If they just don't fit into your current style

So here's a few ways you free up some closet space and make room for those incoming purchases.


Ever heard the saying "A good deed goes a long way"? You may not know this already, but donations as little as a dollar or those old house slippers you think nothing of are ultimate life changers to those in need. Here in Canada, 1 in 5 households are below living standards and experiencing housing issues- basically homeless. Meaning 1 in 5 children constantly struggle to keep their feet adequately protected from diseases and parasites.

Soles 4 Souls and Shoe Bank Canada are two organizations working tirelessly to ensure that less privileged individuals are fully clothed and protected. Who knows? You donating that pair of Nike sneakers you're convinced are so last year might just be the confidence booster a child needs to spike their self-esteem around peers. So put as much love into giving as you would when buying a new pair and help those in need of what you have.
You were born with the power to change a life. Don't waste it.




Become an entrepreneur in no time by selling items on platforms such as Ebay, Depop, Amazon, Etsy, Shopify & Instagram.

Consignment stores are another great option to those in need of a quick buck. Here's how they work:

Take clothing items, accessories and even some antiques to any of these locations if you live in Toronto and negotiate a deal with the store clerk. Keep in mind that these type of businesses operate in an unconventional way and you may only receive a percentage of the sale price or nothing at all before bidding farewell to your favourite shoes. The deal here is that the consignment store will only pay you the amount owed once your item has sold- which could be anything from a week to three months.



If you have a few pairs of luxury items that are still in good condition and you know a few wardrobe stylists in need of that statement piece you're hoarding, you might also want to partner with them and consider gaining from your investments by providing wardrobe stylists with top-notch footwear (among other luxuries) at a negotiable price.



Some good old fashioned gifting. For those of us who are Not-So-Great mind readers of our loved ones, it's always a pain trying to come up with the perfect gift during gift-giving periods- birthdays, holidays etc. If by any chance you have a pair of shoes that your mom, sister, best friend or colleague (depending on how nice we're going here) have been eyeing in your closet, do something exciting for them and re-box those bad boys, attach a sentimental note spewing the magic of those shoes to hike up their value from bench warmers to head-turners and send them on their merry way!

And if you just can't resist going into perfectionist mode, go a step further to repair that lightly trampled outsole at your local cobbler. These are a few recommended workshops in the Greater Toronto Area that will have your shoes looking like they just left the assembly line once again:



And lastly, if those shoes you've fought tooth and nail to hold on to cannot be saved by any of these options above, I hate to burst your bubbles, but the trash called.

Know any stashers in need of this advice?
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