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Article: The Journey To MOLLY: What I'm Learning In My Quiet Period..

The Journey To MOLLY: What I'm Learning In My Quiet Period..
Brand bulding

The Journey To MOLLY: What I'm Learning In My Quiet Period..

While I've spent many months getting things in order to release the first model of my debut collection- The GR Collection, there have inevitably been a few hitches and delays that I've had to face head on as a new footwear brand emerging into the luxury market.

For entrepreneurs in any industry today, the dream is to have your business skyrocket as soon as your products hit the market, but unless you're already well-known with a large following on social media; you're very in tune with online marketing & advertising; you have a network of well-respected & well-connected individuals who are willing to help boost your brand value from the get go, this is simply not the case. Many entrepreneurs do not check any of these boxes and will have to grind from the ground up to figure out ways to set aside their brands & products from thousands of other brilliant-minded individuals.

While I'm still figuring out my way around the online world & fashion industry, I've learnt a few things that have managed to keep me afloat as I continue to build my empire during these quiet times. I decided to compile a short list and shed some light on these wisdom nuggets in the hopes that it will help someone else throughout their wait period:

  • Life has a way of teaching us lessons... Sometimes, these lessons might be tormenting in the moment, but they always come in handy when we need them the most. It all depends on how you process and apply your experiences during these trials.

  • A lot of times, not achieving your dreams as soon as you want might leave you feeling inadequate, overlooked or unaccomplished, but the fact of the matter is: you're not alone. The world is filled with millions of individuals who have goals and aspirations just like yours, so take refuge in knowing that we're all doing the best we possibly can to be one step closer to our success stories.

  • Failure does not always mean its the end. Most times, it's urging us to garner enough strength to keep trying, re-think our strategies and fine-tune our approaches. It's like coming up with a recipe that works for you, sometimes you just have to try and try again until you get it right.

  • Never be discouraged by the silence and the many No's you will receive along the way. Not everyone share's your vision, and that's okay. Keep fighting until you find the ones that do and never give up on yourself.

  • Ignore the discouraging comments and haters. Most people don't see the long days & nights that you put in to make things happen, and neither are you obligated to prove yourself to anyone but you, so keep doing what you're doing. After all, you're the one with the vision... not them.

  • Never lose sight of your dreams and goals. Remind yourself of the reasons you do what yo do, believe in yourself, and remember that it only takes one person to keep the ball rolling and bring them closer to reality: You.

  • People are not obligated to help you, and that's the honest, gut-wrenching truth. If you find yourself among those willing to go out of their way to do so, then count yourself lucky and don't take it for granted. Otherwise, bask in the reality that human nature is not always peace & love. People have enough on their plates and are constantly dealing with daily challenges & the priorities in their lives, so don't get entitled. Just put in the effort, and it will pay off eventually.

  • You can't force anyone to work with you. A lot of companies/brands are not in the business of rendering free services or putting on new brands, even if you have the most ground-breaking product and are willing to pay a fee. A lot of brands will only help you as much as you can help them.

  • People will support you, but only as much as others support you, and that's life. Following the masses is, unfortunately, the safer bet when it comes to dealing with brands & businesses today, so don't take it personally.

  • Value the people & relationships around you, and prioritize connections. Because when you do actually get to the point you've dreamed of, you wouldn't want to wish you had spent more time with them. I know achieving your goal requires 150% of your time and attention, but try to designate some of that to savour your loved ones too, and don't leave them feeling neglected.

  • Lastly, be patient and kind to yourself every step of the way. You are growing more than you know... Be proud of that.

Until next time,


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