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Article: Bored?? Grab Your Favourite Snacks And Enjoy These Films Starring Famous Shoes & Footwear Designers.

Bored?? Grab Your Favourite Snacks And Enjoy These Films Starring Famous Shoes & Footwear Designers.

Bored?? Grab Your Favourite Snacks And Enjoy These Films Starring Famous Shoes & Footwear Designers.

So! Pacing up and down the house, staring aimlessly at the Tv screen and refreshing your Instagram feed repeatedly just isn't cutting it during this lockdown? Well, that makes two of us.

For some of us, these moments are marked by the absence of work, duties, and the absolute liberty to live out our heart's desires, right?... Wrong!
With a global crisis like COVID-19 comes movie theatres being shut down indefinitely, an abundance of time to exhaust our favourite TV shows and Netflix constantly harassing our very idle existence with the question "Are still there?". But how does one savour this mandatory stay-cation when you've run out of things to watch?

If you're a footwear lover like myself, you can re-ignite your passion for the art. The next time you're short of ways to kill time, check out some of my favourite movies and documentaries ALL about the magic behind shoes (and it's makers of course):

wizard of oz



wizard of oz movie

Forget being whisked away into the Land of Oz, Dorothy Gale’s bow-embellished ruby red sparkly slippers are considered the most magical shoes of all time! I mean, let's be real. In 2020 who wouldn't want the ability to time-travel with 3 clicks to their heels??

The Wizard of Oz is a tribute to every shoe lover who finds magic in that one special pair. It goes without saying that shoes this enchanted hold the power to make any female feel unstoppable. Given to her by the Good Witch of The North, these slippers reel in a whole lot of fantasy and adventure we can all follow along on the renowned Yellow Brick Road. If by now you haven’t already witnessed the magic of these widely popular ruby red shoes, take a chance with this delightfully crafted movie and escape into Dorothy Gale’s shoes with this classic.




cinderella movie

Oh, Cinderella! This classic presents both surrealism and flat out impossibilities in the form of a precious glass shoe. Let’s be real, okay? No one could ever work a pair of glass slippers the way Cinderella did, and if they did, well, I imagine it’d be a party of cuts and blisters on each foot at the end of the night. Not so much a happy ending!

Watch Disney's Cinderella and see why these famous glass-slippers had every little girl wishing she had a pair of magical glass slippers that came with a glamorous ball and prince charming.

Like mike



like mike movie

To my sneaker heads out there, don’t think I’ve forgotten about you.

Take it back to 2002 (I know... sounds like the stone age) with a 15-year-old Bow Wow who plays the part of an orphan turned basketball player, Calvin Cambridge, after finding a pair of Michael Jordan’s shoes that alter the course of his life. It was undeniably all of our teenage basketball dreams... and with a bottle of wine or pitcher of beer to distract you from the not-so-2020 quality of this movie, it still can be!


Kinky boots



kinky boots movie

Ladies! Gentlemen! And those that are yet to make up their minds! If you embrace sexuality, sass and a little provocation, this one is undeniably for you. I hate to be biased, but I swear on my two left feet that this Broadway number is drama-filled, thrilling and invigorating. I couldn't stop screaming "Kinky Boots!" days after watching this.

After the owner of a footwear company passes, the business is left to his son who knows nothing about shoe-making. Fortunately, he met a flamboyant drag queen, Lola, who gave him the infamous advice: "The sex is in the heel". It was this quick rage-filled tip that urged the owner of a dying shoe factory to step outside of tradition and venture into something new for Milan Fashion week. I don't want to give away any spoilers, but this one's got a happy ending!


Manolo lizard boy



manolo movie

This Netflix documentary shows us exactly why the stars love Manolo Blahnik. The 90-minute film features the likes of Vogue Magazine's Editor-In-Chief, Anna Wintour, famous style guru and fashion editor, André Leon Talley, and the infamous pop star, Rihanna, who speak very highly of the visionary and his deep-rooted love for shoes and all things nature.

Delve into the history of these regal creations and experience the creative processes behind the designs that had Sex and The City star, Carrie Bradshaw, calling them her sole mates. After all, is there such a thing as ONE sole mate? ;)

Find out all things Manolo as you witness what inspires this witty designer in his element.

Christian Loubouting Most expensive



louboutin movie

Follow the world famous designer around the world for a year in this documentary and discover the ideas that lead up to his coveted red-bottom red-bottom heels. Christian Louboutin is inspired by the cultures he experiences with a dash of eroticism, giving a back-story to each shoe he creates.

Much like the provocative red Kinky boots film, Louboutin also equates the arch of a woman's foot guessed it- sex. Another exciting and riské take on shoe-making as he aims for the "Soft Dominatrix" look with all his designs. Watch this 50-minute long film and i promise by the end of it all, you'll fall more in love with the man behind it all.

If you loved or hated any of these films, comment below and share your thoughts!

Until next time,


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