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Stepping back in time through my early stages of footwear craftsmanship.
Each stitch and detail tells a story of passion, dedication, and the artistry that shaped my journey.


Accueillez vos clients dans votre magasin en partageant des offres temporaires ou en leur expliquant en quoi consistent vos produits.

Partagez des informations sur votre produit avec vos clients. Décrivez un produit et partagez des informations sur votre processus de production...

From understanding the anatomy of footwear to pattern drafting and fabric selections, this journey opened my eyes to the endless possibilities when design meets applied knowledge.

Créez la confiance avec vos clients en expliquant l’histoire de votre marque. Partagez vos valeurs ou ce qui est important pour vous.

After lasting all components of my upper to the insole, my time at the studio had come to an end so my last day was spent creating my heels and learning how to properly attach them to my shoes.

I ended up having to figure out the final stages of my creative process during fittings and modifications at home, and researching information at any point that I felt stuck.


The finished look of my hard work, consistency, and determination. The first pair I ever handcrafted.
I call her– The Rebel


Shortly after my 2-week shoemaking intensive, I embraced my first solo project. This endeavor was a personal challenge, putting to the test every skill acquired on my journey. From design inception to the final stitches, it was a bold exploration of self-reliance and a testament to the evolution of my craft.
This project marked not just a creation, but a celebration of independence and the pursuit of mastery in handcrafted footwear.


An homage to my roots– a vibrant fusion of tradition and contemporary style in our exclusive collaboration with Kolturee, where leather & Kente intertwine to create a tapestry of cultural richness.


Crafting bespoke elegance: The first pair of shoes tailored to perfection for a client who desired a seamless match with her Michael Kors sloan calloped purse. Sourcing each component of this design was a challenge, but the overall satisfaction was priceless.

Another pair of bespoke elegance.
This client wanted every stitch and detail harmoniously woven to complement her style. These creations are a personalized expression of sophistication tailored to her unique taste.

Creating this upper was an exceptional experience.
I paired a smooth yellow cow hide with black cow hide, and added some ostrich leather to emphasize the details.

I tested out a different finish on the outsole of the shoes using a beautiful blend of black and red leather dyes, as well as a special texture effect similar to wood grains

Overall, I was pleased with the outcome of this project and got to learn a few more tricks during the course.


Comfort with an edge: I created these handcrafted slippers that unite the luxury of leather, bold allure of spikes, and the intriguing texture of a scuba mesh fabric.


Handcrafting The GR3 took many tries, but each time brought about a different uniqueness to the design.
I must have re-made it about 3 or 4 times leading up to the product you see today, but here are a few progress shots of the very first version.

This photo shows the upper of each foot: 7 layers of leather + fabric, after drafting and cutting.

Here, I created the insole using black cow hide and placed it on top of a clear block heel in order to envision (what I thought) might be the finished product.

After hours of stitching and putting together each component, this is was the outcome.

You'll notice a decorative stitch was used in this version, as well as buckles instead of snaps for the closures. The coloured panels were also placed on the inner parts of the shoes, as opposed to the outside on the final GR3.

Lasting the final layer of leather for this particular pair wasn't my best work back in 2019, but it symbolized nearing the point of completion.

And finally, I went back to my heel selections to decide which style would bring a sleeker, more sophisticated feel to The GR3 and ended up sticking to the 4 inch stiletto heel you see today.